Like An Unborn Baby

Good-morning, Good-afternoon, Good-night. My name is Mike and this is my blog about things that matter the most to the least amount of people. I plan to investigate the odds and ends that make up the passions of the personalities I’ve met and of those I plan to meet. Whether it be future goals, passing fads, beloved memories, or things that just make people feel good, I’m interested in finding out  the individualities that connect us. (Yes, I made that word up.) Hopefully, along the way, I will also be able to piece together a sharper image of the author and architect of this pursuit.

“And don’t call it a come back in particular
Even if it blend into ephemera or
Fade into peripheral – transition of the minister’s original
We’re broadcast clear without diminishing…
…it’s miracle material, remember it’s right now foreverness”

-Mos Def


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