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This morning, as I was wrapping up my routine browsing of web favorites, I ventured into the world of blogtalkradio in search of an interesting broadcast. I scrolled through the various descriptions of shows featuring such topics as politics, fitness, national news, and hollywood gossip, but eventually settled on a show listed in the “popular” secition called Social Media Edge.

The show is described as an investigation of social media, new media, online marketing, search engine optimization, tips-tricks-tweaks-tools and more. It is co-hosted by Jason Crouch and Ken Cook with tech reporter Mike Mueller and airs every Tuesday at Noon Eastern. Every week, Crouch and Cook invite personalities from the industry to phone in and speak on any number of subjects. The conversation is intelligent and progressive, and, show by recent broadcasts, addresses current and relevant internet content. It is especially geared toward the integration of social media into marketing for almost any industry, and expanding the idea of using more interactive internet platforms to reach consumers.

This week’s episode features Bryan Person, founder of Social Media Breakfast, a breakfast and networking series that has spread to 40 cities outside of Boston where it originated. Crouch and Cook gave Person the floor for a majority of the show, asking him to speak on how to launch a business marketing plan online. He described what he saw as the most effective process for initial penetration of the internet world–beginning with a basic domain with a catchy title, and eventually moving towards a synchronized blog or twitter page. He spoke on his experience with using Twitter and Facebook to initiate the process of networking and organizing, but not limiting communication to these platforms, or abandoning the fundamental importance of face-to-face report-building.

Person also spoke on the success of his Breakfasts, and told a few stories about the more recent events.

Clocking in at an hour, I was impressed by the amount of information that the hosts were able to cover. I felt as though the dialogue between the guest and the hosts was technical, yet not so dense that the average social media user could not tune in and quickly get up to speed on the topic. The guests, as with this weeks show, are valuable and have experience beyond everyday exposure to social media platforms, and discuss tips and tricks in a fashion practical enough for any listener with internet access to use.

My only criticism of this week’s broadcast is that, at first, the show began sluggishly, with the hosts chattering about sidebar topics or inside experiences. The interruption and overuse of cliche “radio show soundbites and effects” gave the show a meandering feel at first. And finally, at the conclusion of the episode, only one caller was able to phone in and offer an observation and/or ask a question, and this was after the host had left the line already.

Those points aside, I would highly suggest this show to anyone interested in taking the social media platform into a more lucrative realm or attempting to conduct serious networking through websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Foursqaure.

Catch the live broadcast of Social Media Edge next week on Tuesday, right here.


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