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Weezy F the System


Somebody, somewhere has a very serious issue with Dwayne “Lil’ Wayne” Carter being behind bars. I’ll venture to say that its not the particular concern of anybody living upstairs– although I would assume that he and God must have developed a very unique relationship by now. It would also just seem to me that God is the type that desires man to learn valuable lessons from the mistakes he makes while roaming across this planet, and justly repent.

But alas, how soon I’ve forgotten since my last post that Weezy F. Baby is no mere mortal! After all, he shortly after underwent eight root canals during that one sitting at the dentist’s office which prevented him from beginning his year-long prison term last month. And now, a mysterious fire which broke out in the basement of the Manhattan court house in which Wayne was scheduled to┬áreceive┬áhis sentence on Wednesday has scaled down operations until next week. Wayne will enjoy yet another weekend of freedom– and most likely, rampant video shoots.

This is exciting to me. By the looks of it, the events which have deterred Wayne’s sentencing seem to be on an upwardly outlandish trend. What will Wayne’s guardian spirit pull out of his bag of tricks next! Tune in Monday to find out!


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