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‘Ye or Nay?

Kanye West’s name was suspiciously missing from the sprawling guest list at last night’s Hope for Haiti benefit concert… Do you think he’s officially lost his invite to these types of things?

The broadcast was very much live. Telephone conversations with donation pledgers were candid, and many of the remarks made by guests lacked a rehearsed polish that made them all the more genuine. A few bad cues even made for early introductions or late starts from several hosts. In a way, these lapses in synchronization actually presented a feel of urgency, and were hardly distracting.

Any type of center-stage Kanye stunt, however… May have lead to a separate earthquake on set. You can’t fault the man for speaking his mind, but you also can’t blame George Clooney for not inviting him.

Not to mention that he would have probably interrupted all of Taylor Swift’s phone calls.


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