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International Nonsense

Russia Today, known as RT, is a global network broadcast in English, and intended to provide a Russian viewpoint on global events as well as news occurring across the country. It also has a channel on youtube, and recently aired this story about… what do you know? Single black women in America. I wonder what the “Russian perspective” on this one could be. Let’s watch.

A few questions I have right off the bat.

  • Did I miss when this became a global crisis?
  • Why are the first girl’s three arguments for why she feels she deserves a good man that she has neither a disease, attitude problem, nor likes to fight?
  • Is it just me or does it seem like these newscasters are just going through the motions?
  • Would it reveal anything more to talk to a successful young black, or even mixed couple and get their take on the situation?
  • Funny how these stories don’t perceive the possibility of homosexuality as a contributor to the statistical imbalance.
  • What are statistics like for black men and women in Russia? Are African American men that enigmatic a breed?

As I stated in my last post, before we start looking at statistics and shaking our heads, I think everyone could benefit from a little more introspection and determination when it comes to searching for Mr. or Ms. Right. Not only should black women, in this case, consider altering their requirements, but they should consider what it is in a potential partner that might compliment their lifestyle in a way they may not have considered. Times are changing, and a woman who seeks happiness might need to separate herself from the powers she has gained through access to the bread-winning world of career-chasing from the power she naturally possesses as a woman. I think many women are at a loss for why they are successful, yet single, might be  approaching the dating scene more like man than a woman. Sure, men want a woman with a good job, goals, etc., but something within that XY gene reminds males from the inside out that they should be providing for others. Women experience the same calling, but the difference in how we provide that nurture and care is part of what attracts us to one another.

The issue is that women seem to be the ones making the most progress in all areas right now. The side-effect of this movement ultimately weighs, then, on their capable shoulders. That’s not to say that “Good” men won’t always exist to help combat stereotypes and assist in the transition, but by certain standards, these fellas are clearly not prominent enough in number.

So to black women: I personally think black love is stronger than ever. It can neither be replicated nor estimated.  Today, it also exists beyond the bounds of a black relationship. African Americans have an opportunity today to share our passionate brand of partnership with the world, and I fault neither those who undertake this task nor those who prefer not to with undermining it. And now, I have full faith that the black woman will construct a creative solution to this “crisis” before the rest of the planet has enough time to throw the entire African American race a pity party.


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